Hugh Dobbin Makes Grand Slam Debut in World of Acting


Hugh Dobbin. The man, the miracle, the legend.

This goliath, rated 2609996th on IMDB, strikes on to the scene with passion. We caught up with his agent for details.

"My man here", he began, "does operetta, baleretta, vienetta, castanetta, copa cabana, bermuda triange, hulk hogan, green machine, and tae kwon do."
Staring wistfully in to the horizon, he added "He also makes a damn fine Banana Daiquiri".

He refused to comment on the "Babe Wig Incident", stating only that it was in the past and should be forgotten.

He then challenged me to a game of Sjolen, in which I was soundly defeated.

Hugh plays "The Boy" in "The Girl in the Photograph", a philharmonic sci-fi thriller slated for release later in 2014.