Exciting new game hits shelves!


"Avoid Bill II", the highly anticipated sequel to the critacally acclaimed "Avoid Bill" shipped today, and we
at Legit News have an exclusive interview with the lead and sole developer on the project, Bobby Clarke.

LN : Thanks for meeting with us Bobby. Can I just say you've been a real inspiration?

BC : Happy to be here, Kent. I like to spread my ideas with the world.

LN : So, what motivated you to make the original "Avoid Bill"?

BC : Well, Bill, it all started with an observation. I saw that games today were all violence and rage.
I thought to myself, "I don't need that to make a great game!". Six months, $3 million and two
failed publishing deals later, it turned out I did. At this point, I only had like two days left to
finish the damn thing, but I still wanted to broaden people's horizons. So I decided "Hey, lets
make the same violence-driven games everyone's used to, but with a new twist: It's really shit!".
And so, here we are today.

LN : Fascinating. Truely fascinating. And why is it now that you've decided to revamp this series for a second game? What can this new installment bring to the table?

BC : It's funny you ask that, Tommy. The main driving force behind this game's development was
the fact that the original game sold so well. So I got to thinking about how I could strike
back with an even greater innovation for the market. Eventually, I decided I would make
what is essentially the same game all over again and really suck those loyal wallets dry.

LN : So what you're saying to me here, if I can truely hope to comprehend the words of a
genius, is that you've sold out?

BC : Exactly.

LN : Astounding! You heard it here first folks, why not go try the game, exclusive to LegitNews.